Learn these JavaScript features before moving to React

JavaScript Features to Know Before Learning ReactJS.
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React is one of the popular JavaScript libraries for building front-end web applications these days. A lot of front-end developer jobs require having React as a skill instead of jQuery that was more popular before the release of the front-end frameworks.

Before learning React, you should have a solid understanding…

Useful front-end development tools that you probably need to use.

Developer Setup.
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As developers, we always need to use some resources and tools that can make our life easier and boost our productivity when working on projects or learning something. The good thing is that there are a lot of tools available on the web and created specifically for developers. A lot…

JavaScript GitHub repositories to help you ace your next interview.

GitHub repositories to prepare for JavaScript interviews.
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GitHub is a popular open-source platform for all developers. Nowadays, a lot of tech companies use GitHub for their projects. It’s a place where any developer can host code, contribute to open-source projects, and learn from available Git repositories.

There are a lot of useful repositories on GitHub that can…

Best blogging tools and resources to take your content creation to the next level.

Blogger using her laptop.
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Blogging is one of the best ways to share your own ideas, opinions, tips, insights, and anything you love or care about. According to some blogging statistics and surveys, almost 60% of internet users are reading blog posts regularly.

That’s a good thing, people are always looking for valuable blog…

Awesome cheat sheets to help you save time as a front-end web developer.

Developer codes on his desk at work.
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As front-end web developers or web developers in general, learning new tools and technologies is a very important process if we want to keep ourselves up to date. The tech industry in general, is always changing, there is always something new to learn. As developers, we’re lifetime students. …

A list of useful code snippets in front-end web development.

A Web Developer with her coding laptop.
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Front-end development is one of the popular fields when it comes to software development or programming in general. A lot of people these days are pursuing a career in front-end development. This is one of the best careers in tech because it allows you to be more creative and bring…

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